Last weekend was spent serving and playing in the snow with horses at Windy Gap, a Young Life camp I've been going to since high school. It wasn't until I got there that I realized it was three years ago, to the day, that I went to Windy Gap for the first time. It was, like my leader promised, the best weekend of my life. It snowed the entire time, which added to the magic of the trip, and was the first place I encountered God's great love for myself. What an awesome privilege it was to return, alongside my old leader Becky, who brought me there in the first place, and a few other leaders from my area to spend another snowy weekend in the mountains of Weaverville playing in the snow with horses...




The second night we got hit with a snow storm. We may or may not have gotten into a tiny golf cart accident, which resulted in a very bruised, scraped left leg, but definitely could have resulted in worse (and gone off the side of the mountain)


The next morning...







More to come.