Wild Airwatercolor2012

The awkward first. Notorious for insignificance yet striving to be something more, attempting any task that can be prefixed with "first" is an exciting, but daunting concept.

First date, first day of school, first job, first interview, first time doing anything. First blog post. Is the word "first" starting to look funny to you?

I remember the first time I wanted to be an artist. I was in the seventh grade, and had just completed my first "real" drawing. It was of a cat's eye, drawn from a picture, and shaded meticulously with pencil. I spent hours on it, an unnecessary amount of time for art homework to anyone other than the perfectionist 13 year old me. After it was done, I remember not being able to fall asleep that night; I was so excited, thrilled at this new found ability, the possibilities, and the dreams of classes of peers at school praising my work! My heart was full, and I had discovered a passion. Being an artist was my first big dream. Today, I couldn't be more thankful to be able to say that I've not only gotten the chance to pursue art in higher education, but have found outlets and uses for it that I never would have thought of for myself. To be in shows, get commissions, and draw on the walls of campus buildings and not get in trouble are extensions of a gift I don't deserve.The gift of creation, given to me by my Creator, is a treasure I will use to point myself and others back to Him.

I will try to keep this short. Like the awkward first, I know long blog posts are daunting. I also know that I'm    coming to the game pretty late, but I never blogged because I never thought I had anything to say worth reading. That being said, I'm not saying I have anything better to say now, but the Author, the Creator, has recently decided to take some creative licenses with the story of my life He's been writing, and this blog will hopefully serve as an attempt at telling that story from where I stand as it unfolds.

So read on, and follow this adventure in progress.