Below is the work produced during a week long workshop at the Fine Art Work Center in Provincetown, MA taught by fine art photographer David Hilliard and installation shots from our group show at FAWC. 

Artist Statement:


It was Provincetown’s reputation for collecting outsiders that first drew me here. The oldest art colony in America, the arrival site of the first pilgrims in America, it now seems to be no accident that my arrival in P’Town marks not only the end of my previous, planned life, but the beginning of a personal pilgrimage along an unmarked path. 

 Never before have I been faced with so many blank pages to fill, never again may I stand on the threshold of so many empty days, weeks, months. Next week is the first week of many where I don’t know where I will be, what I will be doing, or who I will be doing them with.  I came here by a one way ticket on the heels of college graduation and a photo job in Argentina with a backpack, notebook, camera, and pesos still in my pocket.

Photography has been my way of relating to the world around me, an extension of my curious and creative mind. In the past I’ve worked in a photojournalistic style, documenting the stories of the people and places around me. As I enter this new stage of life, I find my work to be emerging into a new phase. These photos, ethereal, environmental, and experimental serve as the exposition to the next chapter of my life. I tried to capture moments of stillness and meditation, something I seek in the midst of this complete, chaotic uncertainty.  I still don’t know where I am going, but I don’t think I will until I get there. This is reflected in my work this week, my process as exploratory as it is experiential. My story is evident in these photos through the stories of the characters they depict and are as much an exploration of myself as they are of this new place and passage.