Going Home is an ongoing photographic and painting exploration of the transcendent meanings of home, and the connection between people and place. 

"What is home? What is it about a place that gives us a sense of who we are? How is it that you can feel at home in a place you've never been, and what does it mean for me if I can never stop moving? 

As I try to build a sense of home in a place far away from "home", I wonder about what, if anything, will hold me to it longer, lest I go off spinning into wandering adventures again. Four months into a new city, I feel the itch to move, and stave it off with weekend escapes up or down the coast. 

Staying, staying home, concepts my restless heart have always fought. Should I learn, dig in, fight to grow roots, or should I let the wind blow me away again, towards possibilities both unknown and infinite?"

Journal Excerpt, April 2016