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Wow, thank you Her Campus magazine for featuring Julia and I with Uhuru Child this week! Fantastic job with the article, Issa. Well done. Click here to go to the article

I am beyond blessed. It's been such a privilege to be able to be a part of something that allows me to begin making my own baby steps toward ending the unjust, cyclic and overwhelmingly large issue of poverty. The more these opportunities present themselves the more I realize how incompetent, unprepared, and undeserving I am in all aspects, and I am all the more humbled in gratitude.

I cannot wait to continue turning to the next page of my own story, reveling in the creativity of the Author's hand, and to one day be able to help tell the stories of others.

At the end of May I will travel to Kenya with Julia and Uhuru Child to serve for a couple weeks. In August I will be heading off on another adventure for 3 months, studying in the capital of Ecuador, Quito. That leaves the months of June, July, and August open and right now, Lord only knows what treats are held in store for the summer.

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All I know is, I am completely out of control. And I can't wait to see what happens next.


(Small side note to the article--I did not move to Malaysia when I was 16...just visited)